This Ground Blessed by Holy Ritual and Tender Prayer is Sacred Ground.

all souls

All Souls Cemetery, Germantown, Maryland (Archdiocese of Washington, DC)

Catholic cemeteries in any given location generally are owned or controlled by the diocese or archdiocese for that area. The good news is that all of the major dioceses and some not-so-major ones have web pages devoted to their Catholic cemeteries. But these websites vary in terms of the genealogical information one will find there. Most will at least include a note about the diocese’s policies and procedures for genealogical research. My (less-than-scientific) canvass of diocesean procedures indicates that many will respond to mail requests for information and charge a small fee for the service. Many dioceses have PDF forms online for genealogical requests or direct email access for questions. Some dioceses will give this information free of charge.   The Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, however, charges hefty fees ranging from $75 for gravesite locations to $120+ for lists of family members in the same grave. (Brooklyn’s bishop charge s$300+ for “extensive corporate/legal genealogy,” and what’s wrong with that? Nothing!)

Several dioceses have come into the 21st century, with searchable databases for their cemeteries.

Two of the better searchable databases can be found in the Archdiocese of St Louis and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Other U.S. dioceses with searchable cemetery records online include:

Archdiocese of Seattle
Diocese of Fresno (Calif.)
Diocese of Wilmington (Del.)(includes Eastern Shore of Maryland)
Archdiocese of Newark (N.J.)
Diocese of Victoria (Tex.)
Diocese of Cincinnati

A relatively new entry into the Catholic cemetery digital world is the search page at the website of the Mount Elliott Cemetery Association. The Association covers six Catholic cemeteries in the metro Detroit area. [Promotional plug: two of the Mt Elliott cemeteries are subjects of books by The Catholic Gene contributor Ceil Wendt Jensen. They are Mt Elliott and Mt Olivet. See here.]

The Catholic Cemeteries in the Diocese of Spokane are on Facebook.

Rather than its own, relatively expensive online database, the Diocese of Memphis in Tennessee links to the popular site Find-A-Grave.

At the website of Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Phoenix, one may shop online for flowers and wreaths (using a credit/debit card or PayPal) and have them placed dirctly on the gravesite.

And finally, there is a Catholic Cemeteries Channel on YouTube.

If you know of other unique or interesting Catholic cemetery sites, especially those with searchable databases of Catholic cemetery records, please share in the comments here.