sistersIn several upcoming posts in November, I’ll talk about the Oblate Sisters of Providence and how they play a role in my family tree. In St Louis, I found this photograph of Sister Mary Philomena (nee Emma Micheau) and Sister Mary Celestine (nee Adelaide “Addie” Francis Micheau). That’s Sister Philomena on the left and Sister Celestine is on the right. The woman in the middle is Mary Angelique Micheau (1873-1959), also known as “Nin.”

Addie and Nin were the daughters of George Micheau (1852-1942). Emma, the daughter of Marshall Emmanuel Micheau (1878-1954), was their niece.

Nin was not a Nun.

Photograph courtesy of Edna Mary Micheau Penny, Carmichael, California, who holds the original. Photographer unknown.  Date c. 1930s